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About the Slovenian-Irish Association Shamrock

The Slovenian-Irish Association Shamrock is more than just an association. It’s the heart of the community of Slovenians and friends of Slovenia and Ireland living and working in Ireland. It was revived on February 8th, 2022, not only in remembrance of the great Slovenian poet Dr. France Prešeren but also as a symbol of unity and culture. Our mission goes beyond the borders of the two countries, focusing on connecting people, sharing cultural heritage, and strengthening the community.

Our Mission

Shamrock is not just an association, but a mission. We aim to become a strong bond between Slovenians living in Ireland and their friends and families. Our goal is not only to preserve Slovenian culture and language but also to build a bridge between two different yet similar cultures. We believe in the power of friendship, collaboration, and teamwork, which is reflected in all our activities.

Our Operations

Since the beginning of our journey, we have expanded our activities from merely cultural events to business meetings and education. We are currently actively expanding our membership base, which now has over 900 members. We are connected with various organizations and aim for long-term collaboration with all who share our vision. Many more Slovenians live and work in Ireland, and if you know someone looking for a connection, we invite you to share our contact details with them.

Vision for the Future

Our vision is to become a long-standing organization with a strong membership base and a high motivation to promote our homeland and preserve Slovenian culture in Ireland. We don’t just aim to preserve our heritage but also to expand and develop it, so our culture flourishes and grows in the hearts of people worldwide.

We invite you to join our association, meet our members, and attend our events. Join us in this inspiring mission to unite Slovenians in Ireland and around the world. For more information and collaboration, visit our Facebook page and the Facebook group Slovenians in Ireland.